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Bringing together everything from communications to tracking, SYNKROS’ powerful marketing suite gives your team the ability to control and expand your market through a fully integrated lifecycle of targeted engagement.


Increase revenue potential, time-on-device, and average daily theoretical with touchpoint marketing tools that instantly connect with patrons to uniquely excite and entice play.

True-Time Bonusing Tool Kit Brochure SYNKROS
True-Time Bonusing Tool Kit

Segment your customers with precision. Increase visitation by a group or specific player on a Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning or, for that matter, whenever. Create highly sophisticated, targeted marketing campaigns that offer free play, bonus points, or a multiplier that is delivered at the machine. Do it all using SYNKROS’ intuitive bonusing tools to realize your revenue potential and optimize profits.

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This multi-level, multi-themed, floor-wide progressive community bonusing game is a true market-differentiator. Engineered to drive players' club signups and increase carded play, time-on-device, and visitation rates, SuperSeries™ is just that – super.

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Advanced Incentives Bonusing Engine Transparent

Connect directly to your most valuable patrons with this completely configurable rules-based bonusing engine that delivers pure marketing horsepower. Advanced Incentives Bonusing Engine™ lets you create unlimited incentives scenarios to target specific types of play behavior and situations, specific types of patrons, specific areas of the casino, specific days/times of the week, number of trips per week/month, etc. The reward type and reward amount are totally at your discretion, based upon numerous performance and demographic criteria.

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SYNKROS Offers Management

Player loyalty awards are simpler, portable, and more personal with SYNKROS Offers Management™. Empower stakeholders with full visibility to manage campaigns and interact with activity across the organization. Built seamlessly within the Advanced Incentives Bonusing Engine, this tool allows operators to setup, schedule, and deploy a strategic mix of awards to targeted player demographics, with real-time tracking across the SYNKROS ecosystem.

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Drawing Tickets Logo

Automate drawing events to qualify players and issue tickets based on desired player behavior at gaming machines, gaming tables, and POS terminals. At a pre-determined time, the system will initiate and execute the drawing, allowing the casino employees to focus on running an exciting event and awarding the prizes to the winners.

Random Giveaway

Connect with your patrons by offering random bonus awards based on rules criteria that you set. Offer free play at random during specified time periods has been proven to drive coin-in volume and attract new market share away from competitors.

True-Time Tournament

Capture the attention of your guests by introducing a unique spin on system-delivered community gaming with player-on-demand or group start tournaments.

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SYNKROS Professional Services Slick
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Amp the adoption, analysis, reporting, branding, and efficiency even further, with personalized service from the people who help build the industry’s best-in-class casino system.

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