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True-Time Player Communications

SYNKROS True-Time Player Communications™ is comprised of True-Time Display™ and True-Time Windowing™, both driven by in-machine SYNKROS hardware. True-Time Display is a traditional 6” x 2” touch LCD screen typically found above or below the EGM’s primary game screen, and True-Time Windowing makes use of video mixing technology to blend system content and game content directly on the primary game screen without interrupting gameplay. SYNKROS' True-Time Windowing features advanced compatibility for HD and portrait screen machines, to reach more games and players with targeted rewards and communiciation.

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True-Time Web Services Logo

True-Time Web Services allows casino operators to display web content directly to the EGM game screen through any Synk Box with True-Time Windowing installed. Patrons can access casino websites, make hotel or restaurant reservations, live stream sporting events, or even check into their flight.

True-Time Patron Management

Create targeted, flexible, more effective marketing campaigns and events based on real-time, transaction-level data from both gaming and non-gaming patron activity. Give your hosts the ability to evaluate patrons and make informed decisions on the fly, while empowering front-line employees to immediately determine what offers patrons have available at a glance.

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SynkConnect™ is a cardless player tracking solution for Konami’s SYNKROS® casino management system that empowers casino players with a variety of secure methods to augment or replace a traditional player loyalty card at a gaming device, including a personal mobile device, fob, room key, and more. SynkConnect opens more opportunities for players to connect and engage with property loyalty programs by allowing several convenient methods of authentication.

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