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Manage cash, chip, check, credit, and vault operations all from a fully-integrated environment. Offering comprehensive monitoring, processing, and accountability, SYNKROS’ Cage & Credit also handles advanced cash desk functions, such as foreign currency exchanges with variable buy and sell rates, jackpot processing, and patron credit limits.


Whether your business requires a robust cage solution serving multiple repositories across your floor or just a single cashier’s window, SYNKROS is the ideal choice for long-term performance and value.


  • Process Cancel Credits, Jackpots and Slot Fills 
  • Redeem TITO™ Tickets 
  • Issue W2G, 1042s, and 1099MISC tax forms 
  • Balance currency and commodities; process and manage currency transfers between windows, main bank, chip banks, vault, etc. all with SYNKROS® Settlements 
  • Manage chip inventory, chips from manufacturer, and chips for destruction 
  • Audible alerts for transactions monitor form 
  • Cashless Wager account deposit and withdrawal 
  • Foreign Exchange to and from any currency 
  • Issue TITO Tickets from cage Process fills and credits to retail outlet drawers 
  • Pouch Pays and pouch management 
  • Dynamic repository creation with hierarchical transfer movement


  • Establish patron credit lines 
  • Electronic credit application form 
  • Deposit checks, front money, and safety deposit 
  • Issue markers from credit limit or front money 
  • TTO credit adjustments 
  • Manage patron financial account and institution information 
  • Check and marker processing lifecycle

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