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Konami Gaming, Inc. and Xailient, Inc. Join Forces to Introduce SYNK Vision, Revolutionizing Casino Experience with Secure Identity Management and Enhanced Harm Minimization

Las Vegas, NV - November 01, 2023

Konami Gaming, Inc. and Xailient Inc. announced a strategic partnership to introduce SYNK Vision™ to the casino industry. This revolutionary collaboration is set to redefine the player tracking and enhance the harm minimization landscape by combining Konami Gaming's award winning SYNKROS™ casino management system with Xailient's advanced AI facial recognition edge device capabilities.

Beyond SYNK Vision’s groundbreaking known player facial recognition login convenience features, it also enables casinos to track and bonus players anonymously. SYNK Vision strongly emphasizes secure identity management and harm minimization, ensuring a safer, more responsible, and personalized casino experience.

Key highlights of SYNK Vision include:

• Cardless Login:  SYNK Vision provides players the ability to simply sit down at a slot machine or at a table game and automatically be identified and logged into player tracking without the need to remember, to insert, or present their magnetic player loyalty card.

• Anonymous Player Tracking and Bonusing: SYNK Vision pioneers anonymous player tracking and bonusing, a feature that preserves player privacy while delivering personalized rewards and bonuses. This innovation creates a more inclusive and exciting gaming environment.

• Advanced Harm Minimization Measures: SYNK Vision incorporates state-of-the-art AI algorithms to identify and address potential harmful behaviors on the gaming floor by tracking both known and anonymous players. This proactive approach enhances player safety and well-being by alerting staff to signs of distress and allowing timely interventions.

• AML Tracking with Secure Identity Management: The partnership integrates cutting-edge technology to enable seamless anti-money laundering (AML) tracking of all players and secure identity management. This ensures regulatory compliance and safeguards against fraudulent activities, benefiting both casinos and patrons.

“Konami Gaming is dedicated to shaping the future of the casino industry by delivering innovative and excellence-driven technology to our operator customers, through solutions like SYNK Vision,” said Tom Soukup, senior vice president & chief systems product officer at Konami Gaming, Inc. “Through this partnership with Xailient, SYNK Vision is another step closer toward proving enhanced operational efficiency and enhancing the guest experience, while prioritizing harm minimization and responsible gaming.”

“We are thrilled to announce the arrival of SYNK Vision in the market, where we are poised to embrace the evolving regulatory landscape, ensuring that every player's excitement in the casino is not just maintained but heightened,” said Joe Mayer, systems sales and operations manager – APAC at Konami Gaming, Inc.’s Sydney-based sister company Konami Australia Pty Ltd. “With SYNK Vision, we are redefining the future of gaming in the Asia-Pacific region, strongly emphasising secure identity management to guarantee a safe and enjoyable gaming experience for all.”

“At Xailient, we are passionate about leveraging AI to create impactful solutions. Our collaboration with Konami Gaming brings forth SYNK Vision, which securely and efficiently improves the customer experience and enhances casino responsibility measures. This partnership marks a significant step forward in transforming the industry,” added Lars Oleson, CEO at Xailient.

SYNK Vision is positioned to revolutionize casino industry standards for harm minimization, secure identity management, and responsible gaming—brought closer to realization through close strategic partnership between Konami Gaming and Xailient. SYNK Vision's upcoming launch is testament to shared industry dedication to innovation and enhancing the overall casino experience.

Those interested in learning more about SYNKROS’ award-winning product suite are encouraged to visit

About Konami Gaming, Inc.
Konami Gaming, Inc. is a Las Vegas-based subsidiary of KONAMI GROUP CORPORATION (TSE: 9766). The company is a leading designer and manufacturer of casino games and technology for the global gaming market. Konami Gaming holds multiple patents on facial recognition technology for the gaming industry. For more information about Konami Gaming, Inc. or the SYNKROS® casino management system, please visit  

About Xailient
Xailient is the world leader in privacy-safe artificial intelligence solutions for computer vision applications. Their AI software enables real-time object detection, facial recognition, and other computer vision tasks and complies with privacy and AI regulations in over 80 jurisdictions globally. Xailient’s patented technologies drive transformation across various industries by enabling AI at the edge of devices.

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