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As the launch pad for a rich library of premium Konami game content, this video slot cabinet is designed to maximize moment-by-moment excitement and anticipation for players. DIMENSION 49J™ features a 4K Ultra High-Definition 49-inch display, with the lower “J” curve for an improved player viewing angle. Engineered from the ground up, its streamlined frame and custom merchandizing options deliver entertainment over a wide variety of potential placement areas on the casino floor.

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DIMENSION 75C Logo, White

Built for big impact, this 75-inch display pops from across the room with its jaw-dropping jumbo screen and 4x the pixel depth of standard HD. DIMENSION 75C™ is a premium, oversized machine with a screen that curves from top to bottom, in a slight "C" shape. Its generous slant top features dual jumbo spin buttons, dual cup holders, and dual wireless chargers, for optimum comfort and convenience.

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DIMENSION 43x3 3-Pod

With three, 43-inch monitors in 4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD) stacked to a height of 9 feet tall, DIMENSION 43x3™ takes player-favorite core games to soaring new potential. DIMENSION 43x3 delivers big-impact entertainment to players and pairs. It features a custom engineered button interface, with dual classic spin buttons and generous surface space for drinks, phones, and other personal effects. And because the machine is available to operators as for-sale or lease, properties can use the machine as they require for their unique product mix. It's an oversized slot showcase with enduring operational value.

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This DIMENSION series machine is stacked in every way. DIMENSION 27’s three stacked 27-inch monitors are stacked with fantastic features to show off stacks of popular game content. With strong pipeline of proven profitable Konami games, as well as thrilling new brand extensions, DIMENSION 27™ transports players to new levels of excitement with their favorite winning features and characters—all in spectacular 4K Ultra-high Definition (UHD).

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Concerto Opus
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DIMENSION 49 shares nearly all the same key elements of the premium “J” curve machine—including its sleek design, 4K Ultra-high definition (UHD) graphics, and custom-engineered button interface. But with a 49-inch flat portrait display, DIMENSION 49™ offers a more streamlined cost option for a strong pipeline of core video slot content. It has all the ingredients for a thrilling player experience, combined with the array of original progressive slot series, to drive long-term entertainment variety and asset value to your venue.

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Jan 25, 2021, 18:36 PM

DIMENSION 49The DIMENSION 49™ gives players a premium experience with core product. New linked titles and innovative games stand out on this 49-inch portrait display with 4k ultra-high definition (UHD) graphics and 27-inch topper. The DIMENSION 49’s robust content library combined with eye-catching signage offer unrivaled entertainment value to players of all types. Make the slot floor shine with fully merchandised banks of DIMENSION 49.

  • 49-inch 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) portrait display
  • 27-inch topper
  • Immersive, large main display
  • Interactive button deck
  • Dual classic bash buttons
  • USB port and wireless charging pad
  • Handbag hook
  • Multi-color lighting effects highlight cabinet dimensions
  • New KXP™ platform
  • Fully merchandised banking options available
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  • USA
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