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Our Recruitment Philosophy


Candidates do not get paid for their time. Interviewers do. We do not waste a candidate’s time. Hiring Managers arrive to interviews prepared; explain what the job is about and what it is like working for Konami Gaming.

Our interview process does not take an unreasonable amount of time, nor does it involve more interviews than are necessary. We want real talent to join Konami and real talent does not sit around by the phone.

We are not just looking to fill positions at Konami. We look for talent that we want to work alongside, learn from and those we can teach.

We do not look for ways to eliminate, find fault in or put candidates through an unnecessary interrogation process. We want the candidate experience to be the same we would want to have. We love Konami and want others to love it too. We make offers to those we believe are the best match for the department, the team, the manager and the needs of the position. Great matches lead to genuine engagement. Engagement sparks ideas and growth.