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Hiring the Best & Brightest



Konami believes hiring the best and brightest is a benefit not only for the company but also for the teams our new hires join. The right fit is much more than a goal of hiring. It is the only correct option when making a hiring selection.

To accomplish this, HR partners closely with our hiring managers every time we begin a recruitment effort. The time is an investment that ensures HR understands the unique needs of the position we are asked to fill. Further we seek clarification on how that role will work on the team and under the leadership of the hiring manager. With all of the pieces of the puzzle clearly defined, HR is able to execute effective searches, have meaningful interviews with quality candidates and make the very best hiring choice that will thrive at Konami.

An offer of employment is so much more than a job at Konami. It is the opportunity to work in partnership with some of the greatest minds in our job market and industry. Every day is a chance to learn, grow and discover new talents.